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Starting Again

In the end, or is that contradictory
To the start of a writing?

Does the title line end the whole thing,
Or should we end at the beginning;

After all, the ending is just the beginning.
The beginning of something hard,

Something lost once in a cave somewhere
Deep inside your heart.

The child in you, the beauty I saw once is gone.
But instead of vacancy, I now see a hidden figure,

A silhouette of what once was.
All I can see is the eyes, but you can see all of me.

I’m giving myself up, so you can let your walls down
Because how else would you,

If not for me?
So long gone you’ve been

I’ve forgotten how wonderous you are,
Behind that mask so delicate.

It’s all built up around yourself
Like a fence around a garden,

The neighbor’s children can’t see,
But they want to so badly

Because they know of the lovely flowers within.
Just like these younger than I,

I wish to look over the fence.
I’ve already tried looking through,

But just like wood, it’s impenetrable.
You’re shut in, and I’m in tears

Because I love you so
But you can’t see it because they’ve done so much bad.

Maybe it’s not my job,
Maybe it’s not my place,

I just wish that we could see eachother face to face,
As we once did.

Time heals scars, but how deep do yours go?
Eternity couldn’t make well what has been disfigured.

But eternity is not what we put out hope in.
The God who made you beautiful

Will mend your wounds.
The heart which once beat with love

And compassion, and joy,
Will be again made new just as the first time you saw light.

I’m just glad I don’t have to watch you fight
With you internal horrors that I could never understand.

I’m oblivious in my innocence,
And I do care, but age is not with me,

And wisdom is but a bud in my soul.
I’m waiting for God to complete me,

Over the years I’ll be made whole
And then maybe I’ll understand what happened to you.

But by then you’ll be gone,
You’ll be healed,

And all I’ll have left of you,
Is a mask once worn to cover your beauty.

Why yourself you sheltered
I’ll never know.

But one thing I do know,
Is that you’re led by him now.

The storm has calmed and the sun rises
On His beloved.

The ending is just the beginning.
I’m not bound on losing or winning, just surviving

And the story will continue
But not by my hand, rather yours.

Paths to take will lead you by the hand
And you’ll go far and wide, venturing the endless lands.

The end propels into motion
That which God has set a million years before.

So as we see the finish line,
You take your path and I’ll take mine

As we begin again.


This picture was taken by me a while back. The poem was written by my very talented friend David Konrad. He has been blessed with a gift and he is certainly using it! Check out his website, http://konradthesecond.tumblr.com/ and  follow him on instagram @davidkonrad = )


Hey! Today, February 1st is my friends Allie and Gus’s two year  dating anniversary! Allie wanted a photo shoot done with her and Gus and the timing ended up being perfect for their two year. I had such a fun day with these two! They were such naturals and a joy to photograph. While I was editing their photos, which by the way is the most i’ve ever gotten from a photo shoot! I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. I love these two people, and I love them as a couple. I can’t wait to continue to journey with both of them. I love you guys! Congrats.

Thanks to Karleen who braved the cold with me! And thank you to that little entrance on the side of a library that we stayed in to warm up. You literally saved our life.

This photo shoot was really fun because all of the different backdrops in such a small area. It gave me a good chance to get a variety of shots.

Karleen you’re beautiful! Thanks again = )


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If you want to know how my California trip was, just look at the title. Oh, and these pictures.

Happy New Year Everyone! = )

My third photo shoot! This time with two best friends!

This one was  challenging working with two people because getting a shot where both people look good is twice as hard. Also the much appreciated, but very bright sun made the lighting an obstacle as well. It was fun though! And very cold! Thanks to Chelsea and Kayla for enduring the weather!

You’re beautiful!

Have a great week!

= )



¡Hola mi amigos!

Once again i’ve done a photo shoot! My model was my sister Andrea!

It was great timing, because the day after it snowed! What are the chances?! Oh wait, it’s Alberta!

I had lots of fun doing this photo shoot because I had a new model, so I had to approach the shoot differently than with my last model Genna simply because they’re two different people.

I’m once again open to doing a photo shoot with anyone that asks!

Have a great week = )

I had so much fun doing this photo shoot with my friend Genna. She is a natural, and barley needed any direction. It was so nice to get back out there and have an actual subject to shoot!

Thanks Genna! You’re beautiful!

If anyone wants their own personal photo shoot, I’d be more than willing to!

Cheers. = )


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